Color of the Week: Lavender and Gold

If you’re looking for a romantic color scheme that has a vintage flair try Lavender and Gold for your wedding or event. Jazz up the sweet lavender with touches of gold from using  glitter or garland to antique vases and lavender sprigs.

Dress Up


earrings, ring bearer, shoes, bridesmaids

Table Decor



tables, silverware, teacup, place card



drinks, cake, cupcakes


lavgoldextrashangers, lavender, flags, invite

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Color of the Week: Pink and Navy

Welcome to Color of the Week! This is the first post in the series and we are very excited to be building our resume of color knowledge to help you find what you are looking for. We offer many types of decor to accentuate your color choices! Let’s kick it off with Pink and Navy!

This is such a sweet and preppy combination to try on any occasion but is especially classy for your big day! Feel free to upload any your own pictures with this color combo or comment below and tell us what you think!

Dress Up the Party

pinknavydressupFrom left: bridesmaid, bouquet, bow tie, bride and groom


navypinktableFrom left: chair, bouquets, table number, place setting

For Desert

pinknavydeserttablecake, straws, candy jar


pinknavydecordots, ribbon, program, gifts

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Color Report 2014


2014 color trends are in and they are adorable! There are tons of color combinations you can choose from but watching the trends is a great way to narrow it down. Here are three top color combos for this year and we can’t wait to see them in action!

Freesia & Paloma

Gray and yellow wedding.

If I ever need a 3 tier cake for something....

gray and yellow wedding bouquet flowers wedding flower bouquet, bridal bouquet, wedding flowers, add pic source on comment and we will update it. can create this beautiful wedding flower look.

I like the idea that all the girls and bride wear the same color heels as the flowers!

yellow gray decorations

paper flag table number ideas #weddingreception #receptiontablenumbers #weddingchicks

Custom M's, gray and yellow wedding. Wedding favors. Candy Bar

Radiant Orchid & Dazzling Blue

Bridesmaids wearing Radiant Orchid wraps and Dazzling Blue dresses / Chicago Real Wedding / Rebecca Marie Photography / via

blue and purple wedding centerpieces | Centerpiece Options - Light Blue/Purple With Floating candles

purple and blue wedding cakes | purple swag with blue sugar roses wedding cake | Magalys weeding

Lilacs are my second favorite flower! Purple and blue wedding ideas brittneyjcp

Purple And Blue Wedding Cakes | BLUE #3 ~ Wedding Ideas |

Sand & Cayenne

Table setting #wedding #peonies

Vintage silver and ivory wedding cake with peach flowers and pearls

Want Long Tables At The Reception With White Table Cloths, Brown Wooden Chairs, Candles All Over, Lights Overhead, & Amazing DIY Centerpieces :)

Beautiful, want to throw a party to have these decorations: chandelier with pom poms, lanterns & crepe paper

Color / Coral Wedding Decorations - Bing Images found on Polyvore

Coral wedding decor

coral wedding ideas, macarons, coral bridesmaid dresses, coral makeup, coral desserts, coral decoration ideas, summer, spring, bold lips, red lipstick, pink lipstick

coral peach reception wedding flowers,  wedding decor, wedding flower centerpiece, wedding flower arrangement, add pic source on comment and we will update it. can create this beautiful wedding flower look.

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The (Almost) Endless Possibilities of Wine Bottle Centerpieces |Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Toledo Wedding Planner

You have one more reason to uncork, but remember to save those bottles from ladies night! When it comes to wine bottle centerpieces there are nearly endless possibilities. Glitter, paint, twine, ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, lace etc. Examples range from elegant to fun. Bottom line, get creative!

wine bottle centerpieces for wedding - Bing ImagesGlitter, all colors, all sizes, all patterns. Shine on.

Add fabric that matches your colors or theme. Remember there are ALL kinds of options out there. The bow (above) is a cute addition or you could opt for a flower. Patterns of fabric could be a very fashionable way to decorate your wine bottles as well.

Santa Clause Wine Bottle for Holiday Decoration Gift by Addisyns

Personalize them! Use stencils, paint, stickers or chalk board paint as a few ideas for giving them a personal touch.  Give your bottles some personality and add things that are specific to your special day.

If your sticking w/ the wine corks for name settings...  thought this was cute for table #s!  (also you could have this wine available for drinking or do cut off the bottom and do the lights idea Jessa posted... Along with it being the table #!!!)  :D

Along with personalizing them, you can use the label to do the same thing. Or like the above pic use as a table number amid fresh cut flowers.

7 awesome DIY wine bottle centerpiece ideas for your big day!

Modify your wine bottles. This is a great and creative example. This link will lead you to the blog where we got this idea, it has some other fun ideas for wine bottles in your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Decoration, Burlap Centerpiece, Wine Bottle Flower Vase, Bridal Shower Decor, Favors Table Decor. $38.50, via Etsy.

Twine Bottles are very popular because you can dress them up like the picture above or keep it simple and rustic looking. Its great for a wide range of wedding themes.

DIY Coral painted bottles for centerpieces & candle holders

Paint those bottles to suit your color scheme. There are tons of options with paint. You can go with the ombre style, or multi-colored or one standard shade.

Theresa - painted bottles with embellishments? I like the one bottle with a cork in it to stick a table number or something.

Mix and Match. Use mediums that make sense to your theme. Ex: White lace and warm colored paints for a romantic look.

Your Perfect Day… because you deserve it!

Wedding Decor, Chair Covers & Sashes|Perrysburg Wedding Planner|Toledo Wedding Planner

A simple and elegant, not to mention affordable, way to dress up the ceremony and reception is to dress up the chairs! With the added cover or sash an ordinary chair becomes a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony or reception with ease. There are many super easy and affordable ways to dress up the wedding from a decor aspect. Utilizing chair covers and a color coordinated sash with the bride and groom’s wedding colors is a simple, easy, and affordable way to do so.

Some different examples of chair decor are pictured below.



Simple sashes tied around chairs for the ceremony.



Rafia with a starfish attached for a simple addition to ceremony seating for a beach wedding.


Ribbons tied to the backs of chair for an affordable and simple look.


Give your guests a trip down memory lane with pictures of the bride and groom growing up on the end of each chair in the aisle way.


To make the ceremony chairs more comfy for guests, getting chair pads in the wedding colors is a unique way to dress up the wedding and give it a pop of color!

A simple strand of garland on the backs of chair makes the ceremony beautiful and simple way.


Using mini vases with a single flower for the aisle chairs.


Bring in benches for the ceremony to give the ceremony a homey and intimate feel.



A simple sheer overlay in wedding colors with ruffled train.


Another unique way to tie a sash.


Ruffled chair shirts.


Gold sequins chair covers.


Apple garland for a rustic wedding.


Leis around chairs for a beach wedding.


Mr. and Mrs. letters with ribbon on the backs of the bride and groom’s chairs.

Sara & Jeremy












The bride and groom’s monograms on the backs of their chairs at the reception.

These are some examples of how to dress up the seating for both the ceremony and the reception. Simple, easy and affordable. So that you can have You’re Perfect Day…because you deserve it.

Wedding Color Schemes |Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Toledo Wedding Planner

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is being able to pick the wedding colors. It is a way for the bride and groom to express their personality and set the tone of the attendants, centerpieces, decor, cake, favors, and whatever else you can think of where couples can interlace their colors into their wedding. The following are some examples of color schemes and what couples can do with them to give them an idea of what they would like for their big day!



-This is an awesome chart to see different color combinations together and a fantastic starting point if you are unsure of what you would like your colors to be.


-This chocolate brown and ivory color scheme is fantastic for a late fall early winter wedding. Simple colors utilized for a very elegant setup.

Image-This navy blue and green color scheme would be perfect for a late spring/summer wedding. Both colors complement each other and make way for beautiful centerpiece ideas.


-Pink, tangerine, and lemon color scheme is great for a summer wedding. Such fun and vibrant colors can liven up any summer and gives the leeway to have gorgeous flower arrangements.



-A red color scheme is classic and timeless for a wedding. Very simple, but so much can be done. It is also a versatile color so it can be used for weddings all year round.

Image-Yellow and grey are gorgeous colors together that have a very subtle and simplistic feel. Grey suits are very in right now for the groom and groomsmen which give the wedding party a different look from the traditional black tuxes! Simply gorgeous color setup.

Image-A simple combination of different purples (amethyst & lavender) both paired with ivory is absolutely stunning. So much can be done to complement and coordinate these colors within the flower arrangement for a classic look.



-This scheme is perfect for a winter wedding. With the ice blues, ivory and hints of browns it looks absolutely gorgeous.



-Navy and coral are hugely popular colors right now. The navy with the pop of the coral color really complement one another and make a very polished and put-together look. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding!



-These colors together are fantastic for a fall wedding. They complement the fall with brighter oranges and yellows along with the browns and purples. Lots can be done to bring these colors into a variety of ways in a fall wedding.


-Another color scheme growing in popularity is peach and mint. The lightness of the mint color along with the peach really looks wonderful and complements skin tones of bridesmaids in your wedding. The colors together are great for a summer or spring wedding!


 These are just a few samples of some color schemes for weddings and can be used to expand onto bigger and better! Be creative! Have fun! Show your personality through your wedding colors and make them unique! Picking the wedding colors is a very important aspect in the wedding planning process so that other crucial steps can be achieved. As always, Your Perfect Day is ready and willing to help you choose the perfect colors for your wedding to make your day absolutely flawless, and as in their name, Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!






“First Look Photos” | Toledo Wedding Planner| Perrysburg Wedding Planner

“First Look” Photos Before the Wedding


            Couples should really consider doing “First Look” photos before their wedding because of the many advantages it gives.

 Time Alone — Because weddings are usually hectic, the bride and groom don’t always have time to spend together without everyone else around. Having “first look” photos done will allow the couple to spend time with each other without any guests around.

More pictures — Since you don’t see the groom until after the ceremony, that allows for little time between the ceremony and reception to take pictures together. You are more distracted and would rather just go to the reception. This way, with first look photos, the couple is able to get more pictures together and it’s out of the way!

 More time to celebrate — With everything that needs to be done on your wedding day, you almost lose time in actually celebrating. With doing First Look pictures, you are freeing up time after the ceremony that you could be celebrating with your guests.

 Less nervous — It makes the grooms less stressed and enjoy seeing their bride without being nervous.

 The first look photos allow the couple to enjoy that special moment of first seeing their bride without the pressure of guests being around.

 Timing – allows you to have the option of taking pictures of the bridal party before the ceremony allowing more time afterwards to do other things.

 Daylight — First look photos will allow the couple to have pictures taken outside in the daylight. If you have a later ceremony, there is a chance that it will be dark out once the ceremony is over. First look will allow the pictures to be done with plenty of light outside.

 Control — First Look photos can be done at any location and you can control the lighting, setting, etc. And you can’t control the setting around you when you are seeing your groom down the aisle.

 Emotion – You get to feel that feeling of seeing your groom twice!

 Flow – The flow of your big day goes so much better with first look photos because it allows you to have more time in the day to do other wedding activities.

 Time for reception – Having your first look photos done can allow the reception to start directly after the ceremony.

 It’s when the bride looks her best! — these pictures will look the most amazing because before the ceremony is when you are the most done up, fresh make-up, great in-place hair, etc.

 The photographer — First Look photos will give the photographer lots of time to play around with different shots of the couple, bridal party, and family formals. It will also give them an idea of who the important people are in the wedding (Groom’s dad, Bride’s mom, etc.)

 The moment before the first look is magical — The couple is at their peak of anticipation, allowing the photographer capture that moment is amazing.

 Happiness — When you walk down the aisle, your groom can’t hug you, talk to you, or tell you how amazing you look until after the ceremony. First Looks allow you to capture the true happiness and you can be as intimate or silly as you want.

The moment after — The most beautiful pictures can be taken right after that first look at each other.

 Adds another moment to your precious day!

 You still are able to have the aisle experience — your big day, is your big day! The bride and the groom will still have the wow factor as you walk down the aisle because you are getting married!

 The groom — Grooms are typically a nervous wreck and really need time to process after his bride makes her way down the aisle! First look pictures allow him to process his feelings and allow him to do or say whatever he is thinking and feeling.

 You will not regret it. There will never be a moment years later where you say, I wish I wouldn’t of done First Look pictures.. Instead, there may be a time where you say the opposite!

Candlestick Centerpieces | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Warm, antique,  nostalgic, elegant. In a few words candlesticks are a perfect touch to your wedding centerpieces.  Pair them with bouquets, antique books, mason jars, branches…etc.! Or use them on their own to give your tables that simple charm.

Pinned Image

Painted gold


Pinned Image

Clear crystal



DIY Carnations


Pinned Image



Pinned Image

Bold black


Pinned Image

Add green


Pinned Image



Pinned Image

Dramatically decorated


Pinned Image

Baby’s Breath


Pinned Image

Family pictures


Pinned Image

Flower poms


Pinned Image

Single buds


Antique crystals


Pinned Image

Antique painted


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2013 Wedding Flowers | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

We recently read a blog from the Wedding Wire that gave us some information about this years most popular floral choices. Check them out and see what you think. What are you using for your bouquets?