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“First Look” Photos Before the Wedding


            Couples should really consider doing “First Look” photos before their wedding because of the many advantages it gives.

 Time Alone — Because weddings are usually hectic, the bride and groom don’t always have time to spend together without everyone else around. Having “first look” photos done will allow the couple to spend time with each other without any guests around.

More pictures — Since you don’t see the groom until after the ceremony, that allows for little time between the ceremony and reception to take pictures together. You are more distracted and would rather just go to the reception. This way, with first look photos, the couple is able to get more pictures together and it’s out of the way!

 More time to celebrate — With everything that needs to be done on your wedding day, you almost lose time in actually celebrating. With doing First Look pictures, you are freeing up time after the ceremony that you could be celebrating with your guests.

 Less nervous — It makes the grooms less stressed and enjoy seeing their bride without being nervous.

 The first look photos allow the couple to enjoy that special moment of first seeing their bride without the pressure of guests being around.

 Timing – allows you to have the option of taking pictures of the bridal party before the ceremony allowing more time afterwards to do other things.

 Daylight — First look photos will allow the couple to have pictures taken outside in the daylight. If you have a later ceremony, there is a chance that it will be dark out once the ceremony is over. First look will allow the pictures to be done with plenty of light outside.

 Control — First Look photos can be done at any location and you can control the lighting, setting, etc. And you can’t control the setting around you when you are seeing your groom down the aisle.

 Emotion – You get to feel that feeling of seeing your groom twice!

 Flow – The flow of your big day goes so much better with first look photos because it allows you to have more time in the day to do other wedding activities.

 Time for reception – Having your first look photos done can allow the reception to start directly after the ceremony.

 It’s when the bride looks her best! — these pictures will look the most amazing because before the ceremony is when you are the most done up, fresh make-up, great in-place hair, etc.

 The photographer — First Look photos will give the photographer lots of time to play around with different shots of the couple, bridal party, and family formals. It will also give them an idea of who the important people are in the wedding (Groom’s dad, Bride’s mom, etc.)

 The moment before the first look is magical — The couple is at their peak of anticipation, allowing the photographer capture that moment is amazing.

 Happiness — When you walk down the aisle, your groom can’t hug you, talk to you, or tell you how amazing you look until after the ceremony. First Looks allow you to capture the true happiness and you can be as intimate or silly as you want.

The moment after — The most beautiful pictures can be taken right after that first look at each other.

 Adds another moment to your precious day!

 You still are able to have the aisle experience — your big day, is your big day! The bride and the groom will still have the wow factor as you walk down the aisle because you are getting married!

 The groom — Grooms are typically a nervous wreck and really need time to process after his bride makes her way down the aisle! First look pictures allow him to process his feelings and allow him to do or say whatever he is thinking and feeling.

 You will not regret it. There will never be a moment years later where you say, I wish I wouldn’t of done First Look pictures.. Instead, there may be a time where you say the opposite! 













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