The (Almost) Endless Possibilities of Wine Bottle Centerpieces |Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Toledo Wedding Planner

You have one more reason to uncork, but remember to save those bottles from ladies night! When it comes to wine bottle centerpieces there are nearly endless possibilities. Glitter, paint, twine, ribbon, buttons, rhinestones, lace etc. Examples range from elegant to fun. Bottom line, get creative!

wine bottle centerpieces for wedding - Bing ImagesGlitter, all colors, all sizes, all patterns. Shine on.

Add fabric that matches your colors or theme. Remember there are ALL kinds of options out there. The bow (above) is a cute addition or you could opt for a flower. Patterns of fabric could be a very fashionable way to decorate your wine bottles as well.

Santa Clause Wine Bottle for Holiday Decoration Gift by Addisyns

Personalize them! Use stencils, paint, stickers or chalk board paint as a few ideas for giving them a personal touch.  Give your bottles some personality and add things that are specific to your special day.

If your sticking w/ the wine corks for name settings...  thought this was cute for table #s!  (also you could have this wine available for drinking or do cut off the bottom and do the lights idea Jessa posted... Along with it being the table #!!!)  :D

Along with personalizing them, you can use the label to do the same thing. Or like the above pic use as a table number amid fresh cut flowers.

7 awesome DIY wine bottle centerpiece ideas for your big day!

Modify your wine bottles. This is a great and creative example. This link will lead you to the blog where we got this idea, it has some other fun ideas for wine bottles in your wedding.

Rustic Wedding Decoration, Burlap Centerpiece, Wine Bottle Flower Vase, Bridal Shower Decor, Favors Table Decor. $38.50, via Etsy.

Twine Bottles are very popular because you can dress them up like the picture above or keep it simple and rustic looking. Its great for a wide range of wedding themes.

DIY Coral painted bottles for centerpieces & candle holders

Paint those bottles to suit your color scheme. There are tons of options with paint. You can go with the ombre style, or multi-colored or one standard shade.

Theresa - painted bottles with embellishments? I like the one bottle with a cork in it to stick a table number or something.

Mix and Match. Use mediums that make sense to your theme. Ex: White lace and warm colored paints for a romantic look.

Your Perfect Day… because you deserve it!


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