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One of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding is being able to pick the wedding colors. It is a way for the bride and groom to express their personality and set the tone of the attendants, centerpieces, decor, cake, favors, and whatever else you can think of where couples can interlace their colors into their wedding. The following are some examples of color schemes and what couples can do with them to give them an idea of what they would like for their big day!



-This is an awesome chart to see different color combinations together and a fantastic starting point if you are unsure of what you would like your colors to be.


-This chocolate brown and ivory color scheme is fantastic for a late fall early winter wedding. Simple colors utilized for a very elegant setup.

Image-This navy blue and green color scheme would be perfect for a late spring/summer wedding. Both colors complement each other and make way for beautiful centerpiece ideas.


-Pink, tangerine, and lemon color scheme is great for a summer wedding. Such fun and vibrant colors can liven up any summer and gives the leeway to have gorgeous flower arrangements.



-A red color scheme is classic and timeless for a wedding. Very simple, but so much can be done. It is also a versatile color so it can be used for weddings all year round.

Image-Yellow and grey are gorgeous colors together that have a very subtle and simplistic feel. Grey suits are very in right now for the groom and groomsmen which give the wedding party a different look from the traditional black tuxes! Simply gorgeous color setup.

Image-A simple combination of different purples (amethyst & lavender) both paired with ivory is absolutely stunning. So much can be done to complement and coordinate these colors within the flower arrangement for a classic look.



-This scheme is perfect for a winter wedding. With the ice blues, ivory and hints of browns it looks absolutely gorgeous.



-Navy and coral are hugely popular colors right now. The navy with the pop of the coral color really complement one another and make a very polished and put-together look. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding!



-These colors together are fantastic for a fall wedding. They complement the fall with brighter oranges and yellows along with the browns and purples. Lots can be done to bring these colors into a variety of ways in a fall wedding.


-Another color scheme growing in popularity is peach and mint. The lightness of the mint color along with the peach really looks wonderful and complements skin tones of bridesmaids in your wedding. The colors together are great for a summer or spring wedding!


 These are just a few samples of some color schemes for weddings and can be used to expand onto bigger and better! Be creative! Have fun! Show your personality through your wedding colors and make them unique! Picking the wedding colors is a very important aspect in the wedding planning process so that other crucial steps can be achieved. As always, Your Perfect Day is ready and willing to help you choose the perfect colors for your wedding to make your day absolutely flawless, and as in their name, Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!







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