Wedding Decor, Chair Covers & Sashes|Perrysburg Wedding Planner|Toledo Wedding Planner

A simple and elegant, not to mention affordable, way to dress up the ceremony and reception is to dress up the chairs! With the added cover or sash an ordinary chair becomes a beautiful addition to any wedding ceremony or reception with ease. There are many super easy and affordable ways to dress up the wedding from a decor aspect. Utilizing chair covers and a color coordinated sash with the bride and groom’s wedding colors is a simple, easy, and affordable way to do so.

Some different examples of chair decor are pictured below.



Simple sashes tied around chairs for the ceremony.



Rafia with a starfish attached for a simple addition to ceremony seating for a beach wedding.


Ribbons tied to the backs of chair for an affordable and simple look.


Give your guests a trip down memory lane with pictures of the bride and groom growing up on the end of each chair in the aisle way.


To make the ceremony chairs more comfy for guests, getting chair pads in the wedding colors is a unique way to dress up the wedding and give it a pop of color!

A simple strand of garland on the backs of chair makes the ceremony beautiful and simple way.


Using mini vases with a single flower for the aisle chairs.


Bring in benches for the ceremony to give the ceremony a homey and intimate feel.



A simple sheer overlay in wedding colors with ruffled train.


Another unique way to tie a sash.


Ruffled chair shirts.


Gold sequins chair covers.


Apple garland for a rustic wedding.


Leis around chairs for a beach wedding.


Mr. and Mrs. letters with ribbon on the backs of the bride and groom’s chairs.

Sara & Jeremy












The bride and groom’s monograms on the backs of their chairs at the reception.

These are some examples of how to dress up the seating for both the ceremony and the reception. Simple, easy and affordable. So that you can have You’re Perfect Day…because you deserve it.


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