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Check out this great article on wedding shoes we found at Inspiring Pretty! Enjoy!

What girl does not love shoes? There’s not a girl alive that doesn’t like looking at shoes to some degree. And your wedding day is the day you get to wear the shoes you’ve dreamed of your entire life (you know those ones you needed the perfect occasion to wear them to). Take advantage of the inherent elegance of weddings, and choose the best shoes you can get. The only things you need to ask yourself are: what color and what style?

Although shoes stay hidden during most of the wedding (depending on your dress length), they can add significant detail to your ensemble.

Shoes can incorporate your wedding colors in a unique way.

Or they can add a touch  of silliness. They can also be a momento for years to come.

And of course, they can be your something blue. Shoes can serve many functions rather than just being pretty footwear. So, before you buy the shoes for your big day, determine what function they will serve. Once you have figured that (and the color) out, then you can move on to the style.

Style will somewhat depend on your wedding theme as well. After all, you don’t want to wear stilettos to a beach wedding on the sand or cowboy boots to a formal affair. Most brides choose high heels for her wedding day, but the choice is yours. Try to pair the cut and style of the shoe with your theme as much as possible, while still keeping with your sense of fashion.

If your wedding is a formal event, wear traditional heels. If your wedding is vintage, wear some heel with vintage lace or pearl flair. And be sure to not wear anything to modern or revealing.

If your wedding is colorful and flashy, wear sparkly heels that will pop with your white dress.

If your wedding is most sweet and homemade, wear something with simple beauty, such as bows and flowers.

These two elements are timeless after all. Just make sure your sense of style is included.

No matter what type of shoes you choose for your big day, make sure you love them. These are quite possibly the most elegant pair of shoes you will ever own, but that won’t matter if you don’t love them. So, whether you choose simple flats or fashion pink wedding shoes, make sure you love them. Remember that they are no set rules of what you must choose, merely guidelines to help you look your best.

Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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