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We are sharing this blog today because it has some really neat and helpful advice for choosing your wedding favors! Thanks to Inspiring Pretty for this blog 😀

The main way to show your love for your guests and your gratitude for coming to your big day is by way of wedding favors. This is one area of the wedding that is open to a lot differentiation. There are so many options of what you can give. There are requisites for gifts, though. It’s truly meant to show your love and appreciation for those who saw the combining of lives to become husband and wife. The gifts are meant to be just about guests, so it must be something that they will truly enjoy. It should also show off the personalities of the bride and groom, which should be easy to do with your friends and family. They must also involve your theme in some way. Lastly, the favors are meant to be a memento to remember you wedding day by for years to come. This may seem quite confining for an area that’s wide open in a wedding, but with most gifts, it can actually go in many directions.

For a few types of weddings, favors are quite easy. One of these is destination weddings. Finds gifts that incorporate the location of your wedding. This usually means giving something that can be found there. A simple idea is to make customized postcards for the guests to take home. Or, you can mail them to them as a surprise keepsake to remember their trip and your wedding. It’s a perfect addition to the fridge for years to follow. You can also just round up items for the locale and make a small basket of them. This could be anything from wine or liquor produced there, fruit or food from there or cigars or other goods found only there. You could also do more obscure things as well. Favors from one wedding in South America I saw were maracas. It’s unique and definitely memorable for guests. Don’t be afraid to be different and give them a gift they will never get at another wedding. That’s something you want.

Another type of wedding that is easy to find gifts for are holiday weddings. If your Christmas is based around a holiday such as Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day or another, it’s obvious that you should include it in your favors. For Christmas, give ornaments, small stockings, figgy pudding or something similar. For new years, give small bottles of champagne, party kits or something involving resolutions. Or for the Fourth of July, give small bags of fireworks and sparklers, flags or other things that are patriotic celebratory. Holidays usually make it much easier to find favors.

If you want to show off your personalities and have your personal connections to your friends and families more than anything, make favors in a way that your guests will say “only they would do that”. One great one I saw was an energy kit for the reception. It simply had an Emergen-C packet, a 5 Hour Energy bottle and some candy to help keep the guests going. It was funny and useful for the guests. Other things could be showing what both the bride and groom love. If you love baseball, give a personalized baseball. Or, if you met at a bookstore, give your favorite book. If you both love the outdoors, give flower seeds to plant. You can make it personal for both the bride and groom, just be sure that it will be something that your guests will like as well.

One thing that a lot of couples hope for is a memento that will last for years to come. This means you want your guests to truly cherish it and/or be useful to them. This involves some common sense and usually a little bit more money. People will usually keep postcards for years to come, but they’re something simple added to the fridge. It’s not exactly useful or something relished. If you want something of significance, give favors that guests can use in their home. This could be a small decoration or something to be utilized, such as an ornamental clock, a cross for the wall, a sachet, an interesting candle, a coffee mug, a throw blanket or something along those lines. You usually want to keep it classy and sweet as a rule of thumb. Your guests will be grateful to have something to add to their house or use in their house to remember your big day by.











One of the most prominent categories is food. This is definitely something your guests will enjoy, even if it isn’t for years to come. If it’s great though, they will remember it for years to come. And, it’s something they can enjoy at the reception, on the way home or  later that night. There are many possibilities for food favors, but usually desserts are given out. This could be an assortment of candies for your guests to make goodie bags out of, or a mini gumball machine. Or, you could give your favorite brownies, cookies or cupcakes or personalized candies. You could also give food that will last such as honey, jam or jam. Don’t rule out savory foods, though. Give what you love and what you know your guests will love as well.

The last favor category is a gift that has a meaning behind it. This is more than a personal significance to the happy couple. It is supposed to mean something more. For instance, giving a plant could be significant such as ‘as this flower blooms, so will our lives together. Plant it to join with us in our new lives’. There are many other possibilities. If you want something profound to give to your guests, it will take some thought as to how it will apply to you as a couple and the guests as your friends and family that witnessed the beginning of your marriage. Try not to be corny, though. This is the toughest type of favor to give, because it requires thought, no corniness and personal meaning.

Favors may seem limited, but there are many possibilities. Put a lot of consideration into it, because it will the one thing your friends and family take home besides the memories.

Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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