Daisy Wedding | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Use you favorite flower as the theme of you beautiful day! Here are some sweet ideas on how to create a Daisy inspired wedding from the aisle to the cake.

Aisle Decor

Daisies in buckets. What a beautifully simple way to dress up your wedding runway.


Daisy headdresses for the flower girl or your maids are a beautiful accessory to use with your flower theme.

Escort Card

Show your guests to their seat with these delightful escort cards. Its cute and inexpensive!


What a sweet and simple way to brighten up you daisy wedding! Just paint, pluck and party!


Plantable daisy wedding favors

Spread the love by giving your guests plant-able daisies or daisy seeds to take with them. That way they will have a piece of your big day with them for the rest of the season


daisy wedding cake

This daisy cake is a wonderfully sweet addition to your spring wedding celebration!

Your Perfect Day… because you deserve it!



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