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Check out this great Billy Ball escort card box tutorial!




You will need:

Container – these ladies used a wine crate, and Ikea also has inexpensive wooden boxes that would be perfect for the job.
Floral foam
Moss (purchase at your local florist or garden store)
Bunch of craspedia (billy balls)
Paper trimmer
X-acto knife and cutting mat
Adhesive runner
Bone folder or scoring blade for your paper trimmer
Heavy-weight cardstock


1) Leave your bunch of craspedia out overnight to somewhat dry out the stems

2) In Microsoft Word, create your name strips (an example table is here; use your choice of font, and remove the center score line before printing).  These are 1.25″ high and 7″ wide, folded in half to be 3.5″ in width.

3) Print and use your paper trimmer or an X-acto knife and cutting mat to cut along solid lines.  Use your ruler and bone folder or your scoring blade to score along dotted line (halfway point).  Run adhesive along the back side of each strip.  Aligning the edges, fold the card in half and press firmly.  If desired, use your X-acto knife to cut into a flag shape.

4) Use a ruler and place slits at approximately ¼” in from the top and bottom – at the outer edge of the folded card. Completed cards:


5) Fill your container with floral foam.  If necessary, cut your floral foam blocks to fit into the container securely.  Depending on the height of your box, you may need two layers of floral foam.  Cover with moss.



6) Cut stems of billy balls to desired height (vary the heights a bit).


7) Thread the stem of the billy ball through the two slits on the escort card.  Arrange the card at the desired height on the stem.


8) Place the billy balls into the moss and all the way through the foam so they’re standing upright.

9) Dress up your escort card table with some pretty coordinating flowers and voila!





Special thanks to for this creative blog!

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