Teacup Centerpieces | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner


Matching teacup sets and dried roses  make for a sweet and easy wedding centerpiece

Stacked teacup sets, a simple floral accent and a pennant combined is a creative way to both  number your tables and decorate at your wedding

Mix and match teacups and large blooms to create beautiful centerpieces

Wildflowers and mixed vintage teacup sets add natural color and a rustic touch to your tables

A single large peony bloom and a  crystal teacup make a romantic centerpiece that works beautifully with ivory weddings

Instead of flowers use tea-lights or other candles to illuminate teacups in you centerpieces

Use a tea set in various different arrangements (stacked, upside down, tipped, etc.) along with both candles and blooms tocreate a unique yet elegant centerpiece

Create a truly creative and colorful centerpiece by spray-painting teacups to match your wedding colors and stacking them, a floral accent adds and extra touch.

Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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