2012 Sping/Summer Wedding Color Combinations | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner


Table Setting    Cake    Bouquet








White on White

Cake  Escort Card   Bridal Party

Your wedding cake -- often considered the centerpiece of your reception -- should tie your wedding theme together. Go for a simplified cascade of flowers featuring your signature bloom or use the confection to bring your monogram or motif to life. While w...                   To help guests find their cards, set up separate trees -- one for friends and one for family, for instance -- and hang the cards in alphabetical order.








Lavender and Lime

Bouquet   Invitation   Centerpiece




Pink and Pewter

Cake  Centerpiece  Bridal Party

               Blush + Ebony + PewterLet each table have its very own cake. Two-tiered cake with buttercream icing and hand-molded sugar flowers by Sylvia Weinstock Cakes Ltd.                







Black and Champagne

Groomsmen  Bouquet   Reception







Light Blue and Gold

Table Setting   Bridal Party   Bouquet







Peach and Silver

Centerpiece   Table Setting   Cake






Y our Perfect Day…because you deserve it!







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