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As summer fades into fall, so does the number of wedding flowers in season. Autumn, in fact, has the most limited options for seasonal blossoms, falling as it does between the abundance of summer and the arrival of the tropical flowers in winter. That is not to say, however, that the fall does not have some gorgeous flowers to offer brides. Sometimes used in combination with the fruits of the harvest like pumpkins and gourds, autumn wedding flowers are known for their rich and fiery hues.

Many of the fall wedding flowers are a continuation of those which bloomed beginning in the later part of the summer, including:






New additions to the seasonal repertoire are:

Chinese lanterns: Bright orange pods which resemble paper lanterns, they are a wonderful addition to a rustic fall wedding centerpiece.

Dahlia: The national flower of Mexico, dahlias make hardy cut flowers. They grow in an astonishing array of both colors and blossom sizes, making dahlias a versatile wedding flower. Their round shape combines well with zinnias, mums, and sunflowers for wedding arrangements which are rustic yet alive with vibrant color and texture.

Marigold: These small yellow, orange, and red flowers are not one of the most common wedding flowers, but would combine well with other blossoms in traditional autumnal shades.

Statice: A papery purple filler flower that works equally well fresh or dried. It works well with other purple autumn flowers such as asters.


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