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Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of any wedding (after the bride, of course).  The wedding flowers help to set the tone, add color and make the ceremony and reception spaces feel more festive. One of the best ways to ensure that the flowers will be as fresh and affordable as possible is to select varieties which will be in season at the time of the wedding.   In our next 4 blog posts, we will list the most popular flowers in each season.  This post is about flowers available in the spring.


Spring has many wonderful flowers to offer a bride.  Pastel colors are traditional, though there are also some more vibrant and deep options available within the seasonal spring flower world.  Not only are varieties such as tulips and hyacinth most widely available in the early months of the year, they also just say “spring”, which is a wonderful reason to include them in the wedding centerpieces and bouquets. These are some of the top choices for seasonal blossoms for a spring wedding.


Bells of Ireland: Widely available from January – October, this green plant is a nice addition to a colorful bouquet or centerpiece.


Casablanca or Stargazer Lily: These dramatic lilies with the large showy blossoms are available for most of the year, except in the autumn. The Casablanca lily is white and the Stargazer is pink. Either is excellent for weddings with a tropical flavor, and they are also very elegant. Be cautious about using these highly scented flowers near food at the reception or in small spaces, as some find their fragrance to be overpowering.


Cherry Blossoms: The pink flowering branches of the cherry blossom make a gorgeous accent for tall spring wedding table arrangements. They also have strong associations with Asia, especially Japan, China, and Korea, which make the heavenly blossoms a favorite motif for East-meets-West theme weddings. In Asian cultures, the cherry blossom is considered to be an omen of good fortune, which is an auspicious meaning for a wedding flower.


Daffodil: Few flowers are more emblematic of spring than the cheerful daffodil. They are primarily yellow, but variations exist with combinations of white and yellow, white and orange, or yellow and orange. Mini-daffodils make a marvelous addition to any yellow spring wedding bouquet.


Hyacinth: One of the traditional spring bulbs, hyacinth is a fairly compact plant which lends itself to bouquets or low floral arrangements. It would be an excellent choice for potted centerpieces. They are available in a wide range of colors, such as blue, white, pink, yellow, and violet. A related variety is the grape hyacinth, also called muscari, which resembles a tiny bunch of blue grapes. Muscari is popular in wedding bouquets because it is one of the most intensely blue flowers available.


Lily-of-the-Valley: The birth flower for the month of May, this is one of the most traditional flowers for bridal bouquets. The dainty pink or white flowers are ideal for diminutive posies. Their petite size and high price tag makes the lily-of-the-valley less commonly used for reception centerpieces, which tend to be larger in scale than the bride’s bouquet.

Peony: One of the favorite flowers of spring brides, the lush round blossoms of the peony are ideal for wedding bouquets and centerpieces. They grow in white, pale pink, and a deep reddish-pink, and combine brilliantly with other bridal favorites such as roses. Peonies are one of the pricier spring wedding flowers, but this does nothing to dampen their constant appeal.

Ranunculus: Cherished for their unique papery appearance, the perfectly round ranunculus blossoms are available from February through May. They are a mid-sized flower, and work well in mixed bouquets or table arrangements. Ranunculus blooms are primarily seen in white, pink, red, orange, and yellow.


Tulip: If there is one flower which is the most recognized symbol of spring, it would have to be the tulip. The peak season for tulips is December through April. This popular spring blossom comes in a very wide variety of colors, from the purest white to a purple so deep it is nearly black. Brides also enjoy tulips in every shade of pink, plum, yellow, orange, and red. In addition to the classic Dutch tulip, the more exotic parrot tulips with their ruffled edges are a wedding favorite.

Our next blog will be about what flowers are available in the Summer!


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