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In summer, the flowers tend to be more vibrant, and there are plenty of wonderful choices for wedding flowers. Many of the spring flowers are still available in the early part of the summer, and numerous other varieties will be in season. In addition to blossoms which are appropriate for more formal affairs, there are many lovely choices for casual weddings; chief among the less formal wedding flowers is the ever-popular gerbera daisy. This is an overview of some of the fabulous flowers available in the hot months of summer.


Alstromeria: These pretty multi-tonal blossoms come in a wide array of colors, such as white and pink, apricot, and golden yellow. More sturdy than they appear, one of the most interesting things about alstromerias is their spotted and striped patterns and mixture of colors within one flower. Many of the summer blooming alstromeria originate in Brazil.


Chrysanthemum: A reasonably priced hardy bloom, mums are available in the summer and fall. They come in traditional wedding colors like white, yellow, and pink, but also in trendy tones like lime green. The smallish Kermit pom pom mum is especially popular as a bright green accent for wedding bouquets and centerpieces.


English lavender: With a relaxing scent perfect for soothing the nerves of an anxious bride, lavender makes an excellent addition to a bridal bouquet. Its signature color blends well with other shades of purple as well as pink. Including herbs in the bride’s bouquet is an old Scandinavian wedding custom.


Gerbera daisy: Inexpensive, widely available, and brightly colored, gerbera daisies are a wildly popular choice for informal weddings. They come in pink, hot pink, fuchsia, orange, yellow, red, and white, just to name a few colors. Often used in whimsical displays, gerbera daisies are one of the favorite flowers of summer brides.


Hydrangea: Beloved for their full blooms, hydrangeas are very popular during their limited summertime run. The flowers come in white, pink, purple, green, and blue. The blue hydrangeas are an especially sought after shade, as they are one of the few true blue flowers. Interestingly enough, it is the acidity of the soil which dictates in which color a hydrangea plant will bloom. Though not an inexpensive flower, the very large size of each hydrangea flower means that a few stems can be used to create very full bouquets and centerpieces. They work very well alone or in combination with other wedding classics like roses and peonies.


Iris: The deep purple hue of the iris makes an interesting addition to a summer bouquet or centerpiece. Particularly popular are mini-irises, which combine very nicely with other flowers.


Lilies, Asiatic and Oriental: When brides want to impress, these dramatic lilies cannot be beat. Asiatic lilies feature medium sized blooms which are typically unscented, while Oriental lilies boast very large blossoms and usually an equally grand fragrance. Lilies are most commonly used in white, pink, orange, and yellow for weddings.


Lisianthus: A versatile flower which is somewhat similar in form to a rose, but comes a lower cost. Available into the fall, lisianthus blossoms are available in classic bridal shades, such as white, pink, lavender, and purple. With their multiple blossoms per stem, lisianthus can be a very pretty way to fill out rose based bouquets and centerpieces while keeping the price down.


Snapdragons: With their large blossom heavy heads, brightly colored snapdragons make excellent cut flowers. Not the most useful shape for bouquets, snapdragons work well to add height and color to centerpieces. The vibrant shades of yellow, pink, and apricot are gorgeous when displayed in combination.


Sunflower: This late summer favorite lends a warm glow to wedding arrangements. The mini variety makes wonderful bouquets and centerpieces for a late summer or early fall wedding. Sunflowers pair especially well with gerbera daisies and mums for an earthy and rustic wedding design.



Zinnia: Often featuring several colors in one bright blossom, casual zinnias are in season from late summer to the late autumn. They are particularly appropriate for a wedding with a Mexican flair, and also are known to attract butterflies.


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