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Most of our clients come to us with the idea of having their wedding reception somewhere unique.  They don’t want to have their reception in a traditional hall.  Well, here is our top 20 unique reception locations that include some of our favorite places!

Garden: While garden weddings are nothing new, unique gardens such as botanical preserves, aviaries, rooftop gardens, and bonsai gardens are dramatic and beautiful locations. If the wedding is scheduled in spring or summer, the setting itself provides ample floral decorations that need only minimal embellishment.  Schedel Gardens in Elmore can hold up to 400 guests and has an area for a ceremony & reception.   http://www.schedel-gardens.org/

Museum: Receptions in museums are literally preserved for posterity. Couples can select an appropriate museum based on their mutual interests, and the venue provides ample entertainment for guests while the bridal party is taking photographs or involved with a receiving line.  Snook’s Dream Car Museum in Bowling Green holds up to 150 guests.  http://snooksdreamcars.com/

Art Gallery: Similar to a museum reception, a gallery is a perfect choice for couples who love art. Many galleries offer large rooms with open spaces, and the collections on the walls create a unique and interesting backdrop for the celebration.

Public Park: Especially in metropolitan areas, a public park is an oasis perfect for a memorable reception. A city skyline in the background is a startling contrast to the natural setting, and parks are often convenient to local hotels and restaurants.  The Lodge at Riverbend in Findlay can hold up to 240 guests.  http://www.hancockparks.com/Services/FacilityReservations.aspx

Lighthouse: For a nautical theme, a lighthouse is a dramatic venue. Crashing waves and seascapes provide natural beauty, and the intimate setting is well suited for a small gathering.

Winery: Wine connoisseurs would appreciate a reception at a vineyard or winery. Local vintages add a unique taste to the event, and miniature bottles can be prepared as favors or attendants’ gifts.  Chateau Winery in Helena has gorgeous views and great wine. http://www.chateautebeauwinery.com/index.htm

Yacht: A seafaring reception is possible aboard a rented yacht. A cruise offers spectacular scenery for photographs, with the added bonus that the view changes throughout the event. Yachts can accommodate both small and large receptions.

Fairground: A country fair is a rustic and lively setting offering many different attractions for all ages. Fairgrounds are often equipped with large halls and kitchen facilities to accommodate any sized group.  The Wood County Junior Fair Building in Bowling Green holds up to 450 guests and is bring your own catering/alcohol.   http://www.visitbgohio.org/meetings/index.php?pg=6

Rental Property: Renting a townhouse or condominium provides an elegant resort setting coupled with the intimacy of a residence. In addition to hosting the reception, the couple or entire wedding party could stay on site so that preparations needn’t be rushed and the venue can be enjoyed.

Sports Venue: A racetrack, ballpark, or arena can easily be converted to a reception site that highlights a couple’s interest in sports and creates a winning event.   The Mud Hens stadium in Toledo can hold up to 500 guests.  http://www.milb.com/team2/page.jsp?ymd=20100427&content_id=9611818&vkey=team2_t512&fext=.jsp&sid=t512

Planetarium: No matter what time of day, a planetarium reception is always under the stars. Special arrangements can be made to align the stars to significant events, such as the date of the proposal, first date, or first kiss to add more individuality.

Historical Building: A historical site such as a plantation or vintage home is perfect for a theme wedding that recreates the romance of a bygone era. Often furnished with period pieces, historical buildings need little decoration to create a unique setting.  The Historic Center & Museum in Bowling Green is a perfect place to have a wedding and reception.    http://www.woodcountyhistory.org/grounds.html

Orchard: For a unique twist on an outdoor reception, consider an orchard. Whether the trees are in bloom or already bearing fruit, the setting provides natural grace and beauty, and local fruit is perfect to accompany the meal or incorporate into the decorations.

Barn: For a boot-stomping good time, a barn is a perfect venue. Wide-open spaces and rustic décor complement a casual or western theme and can accommodate large groups.  Ole Zims in Gibsonburg can hold 300 guests.  http://www.olezims.com/

Ranch: Couples who wish to tie the knot with western flair may consider a ranch as a reception location. Memorabilia makes perfect decorations, and ranches may even offer accommodations for guests.

Amusement Park: Nothing symbolizes the thrill of marriage better than an amusement park. The wedding party and selected guests may be able to expend their pent-up nerves with a quick roller coaster ride, and the myriad of different attractions offer plenty of excitement for younger guests.  Cedar Point/Castaway Bay in Sandusky can host up to 280 guests.  http://castawaybay.com/public/visit/weddings/index.cfm

College/University hall: Why not go back to where you first met and celebrate your love.  Bowling Green State University has a Ball Room that can hold up to 500 guests.  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/sa/weddings/

Zoo: Exotic animals and lush scenery make a zoo a creative site for a wedding reception. Guests could tour the zoo, and some locations will provide behind-the-scenes experiences for an additional fee.   The Toledo Zoo can host up to 500 guests.

Movie Studio: A movie studio or set can recreate any setting for a wedding reception, even famous locations such as timeless love scenes or familiar television backdrops. Multiple sets could be combined to represent the couple’s favorite scenes or Hollywood moments.   Maumee Theater can hold up to 100 people.  http://www.greateasterntheatres.com/maumeehome.asp

Restaurant:   Pick your favorite restaurant since you already know you enjoy the food and the atmosphere.   Alexandria’s in Findlay has a private room that can hold up to 250 guests.   http://www.alexandriasfindlay.com/#!

Choosing an unusual wedding reception location allows a couple to infuse the very setting of their event with character, personality, and individuality. Unique venues can complement the couple’s interests or introduce a new interest for them to share. Whether the reception is a morning brunch in an art gallery, an afternoon tea in an orchard, or an evening banquet in a castle, a unique location creates an unforgettable event that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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