Fun and Trendy Escort Cards | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrsyburg Wedding Planner

These escort cards are a super fun way get your guests to their tables and show off your style! Check out these unique ways to navigate your reception!


Soda Bottles are a sweet way to show your friends and family to their tables and serve them their drinks.

Show off your personal style with ninja figurines, sure to make a kick at your reception.

Unique Escort Card Ideas Cupcakes-10

Escort your guests to their seat with a tasty treat, face cakes!

Pins are a super cute escort and keepsake for your guests.

These characters are funky and fun! Paper dolls are a great way show your friends to the party.

Pin Wheels are great for backyard, garden or outdoor receptions. They are charming and super easy to make.

These adorable paper flowers take seconds to make and add color and style to your reception.

Give your family and friends some flavor using  condiment escorts  for their meal.

Kick your bash off with these delightful party hats!

Quirky mustache cards are a great way to show your style and give your guests a laugh.


Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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