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Looking for ideas for a Emerald and Aqua wedding? Here are a few ideas from Martha Stewart Wedding!

Drink Flags
Give signature drinks proper fanfare by flagging them with colorful swizzle sticks. The flourishes are a breeze to make: With gardening shears, trim a wooden skewer so it’s a few inches taller than the glass you’ll put it in. Cut a 9-inch length of 15-millimeter grosgrain ribbon. Fold in half and make a loose knot. Slip knot over skewer and tighten. Notch ribbon ends

Attendant Gifts

Set off a snowy gown or attendants’ outfits with a demure whisper of color or a flirtatiously bold hue. Clockwise from left, here’s something old and blue (and sparkling): A vintage aquamarine flower from Alice Kwartler Antiques. Aquamarine teardrop clusters by TenThousandThings are at once classic and contemporary. A diamond-encrusted emerald from Fortunoff has a glamorous, 1930s feel. This aquamarine pendant by Tiffany & Co. is dainty and sweet. A Wendy Mink beaded necklace with an onyx leaf pendant makes a lovely bridesmaid’s gift. Wear Tiffany & Co.‘s aquamarine stunner with the similar-looking earrings at left or simple diamond studs. The mother of the bride might affix her corsage with a glittering emerald stickpin or a multicolored gold pheasant one, both from Alice Kwartler Antiques.

Emerald and Aqua Stationery

Grass-green meets sky-blue in this stationery suite, which features pieces burgeoning with graceful boughs. An envelope is adorned with vintage stamps, and a place card is trimmed with satin ribbon. Contact Jen at jjosephdesigns@gmail.com for your custom invitation, program and place cards.

Emerald and Aqua Neckwear

Here’s a chic way to tie the knot: with custom neckwear for the groom, his attendants, your father and father-in-law, and even your ring bearer. Choose any fabric (silk, wool, and cotton weaves work better than stretchy knits), then send it to Tiecrafters, which will fashion the material into neckties or bow ties. (You can also pick from their own selection of solid and patterned cloths.) Dress the guys to match, or opt for a range of coordinating colors or patterns, such as we show here. Either way, the men in your life will have a keepsake they’ll tie, tie again.

Topiary Flower Girl Basket

A topiary is transformed into a flower girl’s basket filled with hydrangea petals

Mossy Ring Pillow

A mossy ring pillow would look fetching at an outdoor affair. To make: Glue green ribbon around an ice-cream-pint top. Glue green felt to bottom. Arrange spike moss in top. Anchor ribbon to moss with floral wire. Slip rings through ribbon; tie a bow.

Emerald and Aqua DIY Lanterns

Lanterns made of vintage Mason jars clad in gold-trimmed ribbons exude homespun charm. Use them to illuminate walkways or arrange on a table with place cards or cocktails. (Beware: Jars get very hot.) To prevent sticking, fill vessels with 1/8 inch of water before setting votive candles inside.


Nature offers vibrant colors and textures that can be woven into a wedding in unexpected ways. Left, clockwise from top: Boutonnieres consist of hydrangea and hypericum berries; chamomile, trachelium, and mahonia leaves; and unripe blueberries and mahonia.

Your Perfect Day…because you deserve it!


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