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We love when our clients come to us and say they want to have a “themed” wedding and need our help to create it! It can be a sports team theme, holiday theme, movie theme, anything!

When we heard about a Polaroid themed wedding (thanks to one of our favorite local photographers, Dallas Galbreath), we had to do a blog post ASAP!

Here are some ideas that we found:

Start off with creating a unique save-the-date to let all your guests know about the fun themed you are planning for your wedding!

Ask your photographer if he/she has a Polaroid camera that he/she can bring to the wedding (if not, buy one). Use it to take fun pictures in between the wedding & reception!

Put Polaroid pictures all around the escort card table!

Enhance your centerpiece with a Polaroid picture of the two of you!

Have your guests take pictures of themselves, paste them into a Polaroid scrapbook & write you a little note!

Make “A” frames or Polaroid photo holders your wedding favor so your guests have some place to keep their Polaroid pictures!

Take a Polaroid of everyone in your bridal party &
use that to create a thank-you card for them.
Also, use some of your favorite Polaroids to create
your guests thank-you cards!

If you need some help to plan your “themed” wedding, be sure to contact us for your FREE 1-hour consultation! We can also custom design your save-the-dates, invitations, programs, thank-you cards, etc!

Your Perfect Day….because you deserve it!

One thought on “Polaroid themed wedding | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

  1. I think your ideas r not very simple as u said. Its somewhat difficult to do. I can suggest here one thing better u going for ideas in text form u can move with the image form where the wedding reception model images r present with tat price how much ill it takes to do the selected one. These r all present in the wedding planner iPhone app. U can visit and solve your queries.

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